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Paul Galloway | Custom Motorcycle Helmets

Paul Galloway Motorcycle Helmets - Amalgam Models

Here’s another article from our series chatting to the Amalgam makers about their hobbies and interests, and how they interplay with their day job (and vice versa). Meet Paul, one of our Senior Project Managers. In his spare time he customises motorcycle helmets that are imported from Japan. Word on the street is he’s also writing a book, so we caught up with him to find out more…

Japanese imports for global motorcycle fans

Although Paul normally manages prop and scenic projects for the likes of Magnum ice cream and Fosters lager, he says he can’t resist taking on his own creative projects. He’s been working on customising motorcycle helmets for a few years now, which draws on all his sign-writing skills. These including traditional brush and paintwork, silver leaf and a technique called ‘water slide transfer’.

Scrambler3--Paul Galloway Amalgam Models 27-Paul Galloway Amalgam Models

Paul is the UK representative for Tokyo based TT&Co run by customer motorcycle builder and helmet decorator Hiro Takahashi, and Paul sometimes incorporates Hiro’s helmet designs into his own work.

Each helmet is a one-off custom design, using Paul’s own designs, or influences from Hiro, but he’s also designing and developing a range of hand-crafted products like hats, T-shirts, scarves, gloves and other apparel.

Riding with style in the UK

Paul can often be seen rocking around Bristol on one of his own creations (when not in lockdown obviously). This is a 1979 Kawasaki low-rider, which he likes to take with him when he exhibits at various customer motorcycle shows across the UK.

Z1-Low--Paul Galloway Amalgam Models

Paul also sometimes works on collaborative commissions with sign writers like Dapper Signs. The intention has always been to extend the concept to include local artists and crafts people.

So, what do you get a guy like Paul as a gift?

Just for fun, we asked Paul what you might give a maker like him for Christmas. As his craft involves sign-writing skill, he says he can never have enough brushes. So, a nice sign-writing brush made of bristle not synthetic would be just the ticket.

Paul Galloway Amalgam Models Gromit-Unleashed-2-Wallace

And finally, we couldn’t help ask Paul about the book he’s writing. He wouldn’t give much away accept it’s a children’s fiction book about magical metal. We can’t wait to read it.

See more of Paul’s work on social media:

Instagram: @eclecticmotorcycles
Facebook: Eclecticmotorcycles

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