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Elaine Carr | Outdoor Art

Elaine Carr - Amalgam Modelmaking - gate art (Edited)

Introducing Elaine Carr – she’s one of Amalgam’s senior makers. Elaine has a post-grad in Scenic Art but can turn her hand to pretty much anything. She’s worked in almost every department at Amalgam and has a varied portfolio of skills and experience. We talked to her about what she likes to do outside of office hours, especially her passion for creating artwork inspired by her love of geometry, pattern, architecture and big concrete buildings.

A lover of colour and precision

Elaine told us she loves detail and the super-cuteness of the architectural scale model work produced at Amalgam. As well as being comfortable working in such minute detail, Elaine also has a love of colour and precision, which is very evidently in the intricate pattern work of her personal art.

Her designs are inspired by how her own memory idealises buildings and places. In particular, buildings that have had an impact on her like like Castle Mead in Bristol – she loves the angles and the 1970’s design. Her pictures idealise the places she loves and she wants to evoke and create memories of those places and buildings.

Elaine Carr - Outdoor art - Subtopia - Amalgam Modelmaking Elaine Carr - Outdoor art - Bedminster Upfest - Amalgam Modelmaking Elaine Carr - Outdoor art - Bristol - Amalgam Modelmaking

All Elaine’s artwork is done by hand. There’s not a PC in sight. At home she has a treasured drawing board furnished with a trusty parallel ruler and uses a well-loved kit of set squares, protractors and compasses. She uses pen and airbrush to flood in the colour using a selection of inks and pens.

Go large. Go outdoors

Elaine’s been involved in some pretty special projects like city centre window dressings for a Visit Bristol Christmas campaign and banners for Bristol’s Upfest festival.

She’s also come up with some great designs to cover plain old walls belonging to friends and family. In particular, when Elaine’s Mum couldn’t come up with an idea for what she wanted for a gift, Elaine had the perfect answer – a mural on her garage which transports her away to pastures green whenever she sits in the garden. The mural was done with spray cans, which work really well on a pebble dashed surface and have great vibrant colours making them perfect for murals.

Elaine Carr - Mums Garage - Amalgam Modelmaking

What would make the perfect gift for Elaine?

Just for fun we asked Elaine what would make the perfect gift for someone with skills and talents like hers. Elaine was quick to pick a precision instrument to help her with her designs – a really nice compass. A gift that would last a lifetime we’re sure.

See more of Elaine’s work on social media and for sale in the Upfest gallery:

Instagram: cuicasolo
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