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Interactives at Torness power station visitor’s centre now open

interactives Torness

Torness power station will be re-opening its visitor’s centre, for which Amalgam supplied a range of highly engaging interactives and exhibition pieces. EDF Energy has said that the new visitor’s centre will give ‘thousands of people’ access to information on nuclear power, and how the process is managed. Amalgam have so far provided exhibition design and display pieces for seven of EDF Energy’s power station visitor’s centres, with the centre at Hunterston B opening last August.

The visitor’s centre at Torness power station will be open every day, but security considerations mean advanced booking will be required.

The interactives we have built for EDF Energy has been a truly huge project, drawing in nearly every member of staff and department head. We have produced over thirty individual units, and innumerable graphic display pieces for these visitor’s centres. More details and photos will be announced later this year.

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