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BBC Sport Tabletop Footballers, Wall Insulation Models and Otters

Wall Insulation Model

We are currently making set 15 of our popular Wall Insulation models! These engaging display units were designed in-house by project manager Phillip Harris and we have been trickling them out at a steady rate for the last three years. The models show three methods for improving energy efficiency and cutting down on home fuel costs, by adding insulative materials to the cavity walling and exterior faces of a modern home. Initially made for the Centre for Sustainable Energy, these educational display models have caught the eye of a number of other clients and we have been making them as sets-to-order ever since. Typically in our industry, each model we make is a bespoke piece, designed and built to the client’s individual specifications.


Exhibition and display projects this month include the Mini MRF, a Compost Corner video interactive and cutaway compost bin – all more made-to-order items from our Recycling Displays trading arm. These were among the first interactives to be installed as part of an educational visitor’s centre being built by Northamptonshire Council. Our recycling displays are popular with local councils, recycling officers, schools and other establishments aiming to engage people with day-to-day recycling practices.




The Otter Interactive for Cardiff University of Bioscience was a particular highlight of the month, involving the fabrication of a full-sized otter carcass and each one of its organs for children to arrange back into the otter. The organs were sculpted by hand to fit snugly around one another and were art-worked to a realistic fleshy finish. This model draws together the skills of our prop-making model makers and our exhibition design team to create an engaging and striking interactive display model.



Our Big Radio for BBC Cymru also rolled out this month, complete with a working dial and plenty of sharp details to bring it to life. This crisp piece of set construction was rapidly assembled using a number of processes, from CNC machining and structural design to hand-painting a wood effect finish. The Big Radio can be seen prominently in a series of adverts for BBC Radio Cymru.



To coincide with the World Cup, we provided Aardman Animations with a range of hand-painted Subbuteo-style figures to be used in the BBC Sport Promo. We printed out each of the figures on our Objet 3D printer, and hand-painted them to supplied colour and kit references. They are an excellent demonstration of the level of hand-painted detail our prop-makers and prototyping model-makers are able to achieve.



We attended two shows this week, the first being the New Blades Modelmaking degree show, where our project managers took a look at what this year’s crop of graduates had to offer – photos of which can be viewed on Flickr. The second was the Made in Brunel exhibition, at which graduate Lewis Jefferies presented his work alongside other students from Brunel University. Lewis will be joining our team shortly.


Secret projects this week include a very elegant meter-tall 1:200 scale illuminated tower (with 3d printed columns and brise soleil), and our line of prop animals continues to expand with the recent completion of something with very big teeth.


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