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Not the Commonwealth Games Baton – but still….

Apple baton

We cannot claim to have designed or made the Queen’s Baton for the recent Commonwealth Games

The real Commonwealth Games baton
Not by us (Sadly)

(Even though a part of it was 3D printed).  Nor the iconic 2012 Olympic torch.

2012 Olympic Torch
Also not by us!

But at Amalgam we are proud to have made our own version – after a fashion…

M Local Apple Baton
…But this one we did make!

Every year supermarket chain Morrison’s staff vote for a worthwhile cause to be the company’s charity partner to benefit from their ‘Raise a Smile’ programme. This year’s charity is Sue Ryder, an organisation that provides incredible care for people who are diagnosed with life a changing illness.

As a part of the companies fund-raising efforts M Local stores arranged a 24 hour relay race, each leg being completed on a different and unusual form of transport and at each hand-over our specially created “Apple Baton” was handed over. OK so we didn’t carry a message from The Queen, or visit 71 nations along the way but did the other famous games’ baton raise money for charity along the way?

What’s more the M Local baton is the work of Amalgam’s scenic artist Elaine Carr who sculpted and painted the whole thing from scratch – so we can truthfully state that “No apples were harmed in the making of this baton!”…

To donate – even a little to this cause you can click on the link below.

Or to see more of our weird and wonderful world of creativity take a look at our website here.

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