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Creating premium brand displays: here to make you look good

premium brand displays

Premium brand displays in store have a mysterious appeal. Done well, the mix of quality and exclusivity inspires us to spend more because it feels good. Behind the scenes, we know a lot of work goes into product innovation, developing the brand, premium props, designing spaces and creating visual merchandising. Wow-factor premium brand displays are a blend of creative concepts and excellent delivery, just like any project. To deliver it successfully, you have to stretch the budget and time across both design and build quality, although it can become skewed by one premium prop or bespoke design. At Amalgam, we’re here to make you look good, with our tips for creating your premium point-of-sale display:

Share your plans early

When exploring concepts, your team will have plenty of ideas – whether working with a creative director or agency, retail designer, shop fitter or specialist prop makers. The earlier you can share the brief, the greater chance they have to work flexibly together to meet your needs. Amalgam is happy to collaborate or manage your entire project. Our aim is always to help you achieve the best possible results.

Collaborate on the design

Creativity doesn’t happen in isolation. Our team often get together to find ways to solve a problem or figure out ways to create the wow-factor. If you’ve got an idea of how to make an impact, a team of 3D designers can develop the concept further, into a feasible yet eye-catching centrepiece or window display – like the giant Magnums.

premium brand displays - Giant Magnums

Seek unique skills

There’s a common theme across premium brand displays, visual merchandising, prop making, high impact exhibition stands and interactive visitor centres: lots of people passing by, where you need to make an instant impact on your audience. Every premier brand aims to be unique, so you need access to skilled people with experience of visual 3D projects. Our team combines a range of talents, who all understand spaces and love designing theatrical displays, referring back to previous projects to develop new ideas.

Choose the right materials

Planning a display to engage your audience is tough on a tight budget. Experts in materials can take your concept and design the best ways to achieve a professional, high quality finish – such as the ‘Instagram booth’ shown here for Ink Associates. Knowledge of how to calculate dimensions, weight, materials and engineering techniques offer greater scope for creativity! Our history in making fine detail architectural models and building prototypes for internationally renowned companies enables us to make the most of 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machining for a premium display build.

premium brand displays - Magnum-Instagram booths

Be specific about the finish – and the location

Your store environment matters. Lighting, on site fixtures and fittings all make a difference – the more information you give about the destination, the better results you can achieve. We ask for floor plans, interior designs and photos to help us create the impact with the display. Where practical, a site visit ensures no unexpected last-minute hitches or nasty surprises, because our project managers know what pitfalls to look out for when designing and planning an installation.

Industry-leading retail professionals design amazing spaces to deliver a premium brand experience. Specialist makers can add a centrepiece to stop customers in their tracks. Take a look at what we did for Thierry Mugler in Selfridges, then Contact us to find out more.


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