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Heysham visitor centre and EDF Energy Exhibition News

Heysham visitor's centre

Heysham visitor centre is now open to the public, featuring a series of interactives and exhibition pieces designed and built by Amalgam modelmakers. This is the seventh visitor centre we have supplied interactives for, in a project that began early last year and has drawn in nearly every member of staff to assist in the design, fabrication, assembly and installation of these engaging pieces.


 Heysham Visitor's Centre


As well as Heysham visitor centre, we have provided models and interactives for other sites including Dungeness, Hinkley, Hunterston, Sizewell and Hartlepool, as well as a streamlined touring exhibition which has been making its way around the country for the past few months, most recently at Dunbar Science Festival, where over 6000 people passed through the exhibit.


Heysham visitor's centre


The physical size of our workshop, variety of the skills of those working here and investments in cutting-edge technologies mean we can easily take on huge builds such as this. Our CNC machine has been in near constant use since we acquired her last year, cutting panels and netted interlocking sections to quickly snap together. We have designed and printed graphic elements completely in-house, welded together huge steel substructures and supporting elements and created intricate interactive mechanisms before delivering and installing everything we built, completely built and coordinated in-house.


Heysham visitor centre is now open to the public, and more information can be found on the EDF Energy Website.

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