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Interactive Exhibition for Glasgow Science Centre

Interactive Exhibition displays for the upcoming Body Works Exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre form one of the latest projects for Amalgam’s Display Team. We have been making a series of sculpted and electronic interactive exhibits for this prestigious exhibition which is being supplied mainly by Huttinger Exhibitions.

The  displays being created at Amalgam include a cut-away heart valve model displaying a life size heart, sculpted and art worked in house, showing the position of an artificial heart valve with alternative heart valves also on show. A scale model of an artery system will show the position of a stent, and we are creating a display for a bionic hand developed by Touch Bionics.

The largest and most complicated display is a life size human torso, show casing the Total Artificial Heart system made by Syncardia.  This exhibit will show the position of the heart within the torso, nestled between the lungs and showing most of the important organs. These sculpted lungs will be made from super soft silicone to allow the artificial heart to move; this will be operated by the press of a button, at which point the heart will spring into action driven by the power pack as it does in reality, along with some eye catching scrolling LED lighting cast into the main arteries and veins, made from silicone, running to and from the heart.

The Body Works permanent exhibition is due to open on March 27th this year.

Amalgam specialises in the design and build of interactive exhibition pieces, from one-off interactive displays to entire exhibitions.  To see a selection of our recent work in this area click here.



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