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Sign of the times – 3D signage

There are often areas of a project that fall outside the remit of any definite department; 3D signage is one of these areas. Often dreamed up by the graphics department, who may not have the construction facilities to bring the design to life, and turned away by propmakers as ‘not really a prop’, signage can end up being overlooked. Amalgam offers a fast turn-around service to create bespoke 3D signs from your designs that can add the finishing touch to a well designed and constructed set for film, advertising, television or theatre.


Our model makers can create signage using a wide range of materials and techniques to achieve the desired look, whether this be using vinyl printing, special effects painting, laser cutting and etching or a combination of the aforementioned. We will work from your designs and provide suggestions and advice, to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.



Inside Number 9 - graphic sign using special effect painting to create a rusted appearance

These rust-effect numbers were created for the BBC dark comedy production Inside Number 9. Our props team have developed a range of tricks and trade secrets for achieving highly realistic hand-painted surface textures. The chunky bronze plaques below are laser-cut acrylic, heavily artworked and buffed by hand.


      A large 3D sign featuring a detailed crest painted using special effects techniques to give a metallic look


We created this set of simple, effective plaques for the BBC program Bargain Hunt. The signs below  were made for an interpretation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, set in a dystopian near-future.




One of our ‘A’ material samples – this one having been treated to look like brass.


This medieval plaque for Abbey C Productions’ Galavant was quickly lasercut from real wood. A range of processes were used to weather it back and split the grain, including wirebrushing, sand blasting and a form of ‘controlled bashing.’ We used layers of stains and washes to dull back and age the material.


These labels for the BBC’s Dr. Who were cast with a metal powder mixed into the resin, creating the distinctive feel of a 1950’s steel plaque.



This sleek metallic Mallard sign was fabricated as a private commission.


Find out more about the services we offer, or head to Our Work to see more of our projects.

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