Myyfeed utilises Stereolithography, Vaccum casting and traditional model making

As a perfect example of  how Stereolithography, vacuum casting and traditional model making skills are combined seamlessly at Amalgam you can't do much better than this! As seen on TV! A fantastic result on BBC Three’s Be Your Own Boss recently for Ash Reza and his Myyfeed® idea.  To quote Sir Richard Branson “Bloody hell, that is brilliant!”. Myyfeed® was created in 2011 when a young mum posed a problem to her brother. She experienced great difficulties when feeding her child formula milk on the go and expressed her frustrations on the current feeding apparatus, method and process. Together with her feeding experiences as a mum and the technical creativity of Ash, the problem was solved and the Myyfeed® was born. Following an initial period of research, Ash approached Amalgam Modelmaking to fine-tune the designs and produce the first working prototypes.  These were created using Stereolithography followed by vacuum casting in a combination…

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Tidal Generator Scale Model featured on TV

The 1:150 scale desktop model made at Amalgam for MCT's (Marine Current Turbine) made an appearance on TV last week. BBC Points West featured the model during an interview with David Ainsworth, Business Development Manager at MCT, who was discussing their recent relocation to the Bristol and Bath Science Park, which last week celebrated its first anniversary. To read more about MCT, visit their website, or have a look at the larger scale Seagen model we built for the project.

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Claydon Reeves showcase at Fraser Yachts


The 70 metre superyacht model Caspian has been on display at an exhibition of Claydon Reeves'work, held by Fraser Yachts. The showcase presents the range of Claydon Reeves’ superyacht designs and concepts, where visitors can see conceptual visualizations through to detailed scale yacht models. The showcase runs from 15 May until 15 August 2012 at the Fraser Yachts London office on St James’ Street. Update: The show this post refers to is long over, but you can find out more about this model by clicking here.

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