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Myyfeed utilises Stereolithography, Vaccum casting and traditional model making

As a perfect example of  how Stereolithography, vacuum casting and traditional model making skills are combined seamlessly at Amalgam you can’t do much better than this!

As seen on TV! A fantastic result on BBC Three’s Be Your Own Boss recently for Ash Reza and his Myyfeed® idea.  To quote Sir Richard Branson “Bloody hell, that is brilliant!”. Myyfeed® was created in 2011 when a young mum posed a problem to her brother. She experienced great difficulties when feeding her child formula milk on the go and expressed her frustrations on the current feeding apparatus, method and process. Together with her feeding experiences as a mum and the technical creativity of Ash, the problem was solved and the Myyfeed® was born.

Following an initial period of research, Ash approached Amalgam Modelmaking to fine-tune the designs and produce the first working prototypes.  These were created using Stereolithography followed by vacuum casting in a combination of polyurethane resins and durable silicon.  The prototype had to incorporate a functioning mechanism, watertight seals and crucially, working vacuum flask elements which are built into the main body section of Myyfeed®.

Amalgam’s technicians always rise to a challenge and we feel certain that we are the only vacuum casting prototyping company who have managed to achieve this – and quite possibly the only one who could! We at Amalgam were very happy to see our vacuum cast working prototypes being handled and admired by Sir Richard, presenter/entrepreneur Richard Reed and several other interested parties, as Ash proudly demonstrated the functionality and ease of use designed into the device.


Comment was passed about the quality of Ash’s presentation and we feel sure that having our beautifully finished working model in his hands greatly enhanced his chances of success.

The episode of Be Your Own Boss featuring Myyfeed® will be available until late October on Iplayer, and you can also check out the Myyfeed® website.

Congratulations Ash, we will follow your progress with interest.



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