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Tidal Turbines, Milan Design Week and Brutalism

SeaGen Tidal Turbine MCT

This week we have been ramping up the marketing of our recycling displays and have been taking orders for a few products from the range; as these projects are completed we will be updating the website with photos of these new builds. These engaging and informative displays are usually used by councils and recycling officers to communicate important information about recycling.


Also our SeaGen Tidal Turbine for MCT has been in the news this week. This popular model has made a few media appearances over the years and has so far survived nearly four years of touring and public engagement.


We are also enjoying the trickle of photos coming out of Milan Design Week which have made their way into various Twitter feeds and photoblogs, showcasing the range of product design this year has to offer. Another event in our calendar that we’re looking forward to is the London Festival of Architecture, taking place throughout June. Contributors will no doubt be making preparations for the internationally renowned event which spans the city and comprises workshops, exhibitions and open studios. More locally, Bristol’s Architecture Centre has produced an exhibition of winning projects from the RIBA international awards; the exhibition includes work by Foster + Partners, Wilkinson Eyre and Grimshaw Architects, among many others, and includes supporting films, models and mockups.


Secret projects this week include a scratch-built alien pod, a very large industrial marine project involving two logs of Chemiwood, and a decent-sized architectural model with a complex Brutalist facade.



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