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PlanLoCaL scale model gets an update

Some years back, Amalgam created a four-baseboard modular scale model of a generic British urban area for the Centre for Sustainable Energy. The model has been back through our doors for touch ups and some fresh paint, but we’ve added a 1,044 Megawatt Solar Farm, an Anaerobic Digestion Plant, and some 1/1000 scale cows to provide the plant with, erm, fuel.

Ultimately the model is designed to show a community the various renewable energy options available to them. It also allows them to consider whether a certain process is appropriate for their local economy, or what the visual impact would be on the surrounding countryside.

 Amalgam have provided a range of models to the Centre for Sustainable Energy over the years, including our Wall Insulation models (of which we made 13 sets) Scale Models of building insulation

,and the Energy Home,

which shows how a modern family home can be made more energy efficient. Head to Our Work to see more of the Renewable Energy models we’ve made.



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