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Super models in Superyacht Design Magazine

OK, so when we say “Super models” we don’t actually mean what some people might think – but whereas you might generally find the other sort of Super model on-board a Superyacht, currently you can find some examples of our sort of Super model inside the current edition of Superyacht Design magazine.  The winter issue of Superyacht Design features an article all about Amalgam and our involvement in producing models for the maritime industry – with an obvious focus on the high-end luxury super yacht and mega yacht end of the market.  This link; Superyacht article Q21 Amalgam will deliver a PDF version of the article to your desktop to save you subscribing to the full magazine.

Apart from some interest shots of our workshop the article features a close-up of our model of Amnesia IV (Now renamed Nataly) for Redman Whiteley Dixon Super model of Super yacht

and several in-progress shots of a 58m sloop for Dubois. Super yacht model-Dubois Beast 58M

Amalgam’s Director of Marine projects, Chris Conlon was interviewed for the article giving an insight into the process of turning the CAD and drawings primarily intended to build a full size super yacht into a scale replica or super model.  As he rightly points out  There is still a common misconception that if the correct type of 3D CAD is supplied, it can be fed into a computer and you can press “GO”.  In practice of course there is quite a lot more to it than that!  Chris goes on to introduce the concept of integrating so-called Augmented Reality into the world of scale modelling.  Amalgam has recently been involved in combining physical and virtual models via an app which uses digital markers hidden on the actual model and allows extra “virtual” information to be revealed via a smart phone or tablet device, introducing a whole new level of functionality to an already eye-catching model as an interactive promotional sales tool.

Of course, Amalgam is known for all sorts of “Super” models as well as our maritime work.  It is nice however to have our skills showcased in this prestigious publication.

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