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The Building Centre presents The Physical Model in a Digital Age

interactive architectural model

Continuing our theme of interactive models, our own Chris Conlon will be speaking on 21 September at The Building Centre in London. The Physical Model in a Digital Age focuses on how we can combine digital and physical realities to create interactive architectural models which enhance the impact of a design. The image above is an example of an interactive table that Amalgam and Intergalactic are offering clients in the EMEA region.


For years, we’ve been exploring how people can interact with architectural models at a greater level – to switch colours, specifications or highlight underlying infrastructure in a master plan. Chris Williamson of Weston Williamson + Partners will also speak, and can comment first hand on how important it is for architects to create an engaging model to represent their design.


So Amalgam is moving forward with the help of Intergalactic, an award-winning digital agency, to unite high quality architectural models with interactive motion graphics. There are options such as interactive tables, using CGI fly-throughs to look inside buildings, or running animations underneath master plan models and using touch screen LED TV’s, which allow you to influence what you are looking at.


“We can combine digital and physical realities to create interactive architectural models which enhance the impact of a design.”

A short video showing how physical models and video can be made to interact


This means the audience can engage with the physical model and explore property specifications, floor plans and customisation options with complete flexibility to visualise the changes. It has the benefit of saving time and costs – not only can the design be presented in a unique way, the art of the possible can be explored without the associated cost of modelling and re-modelling.


In building design, demand for greater sustainability, more technical detail and flexibility mean the architect’s work remains incredibly stressful.


So although it appears as if the ever-improving capabilities of 3D printers will simplify the process for producing physical architectural models, the reality is that architects still benefit from support and technical skills provided by commercial makers. Some architects prefer to produce their models in-house, yet many find that a commercial model maker can add value during the design process – offering expertise in the realm of scale and materials, and a third party view of the most effective ways to present potential customisation options.


Marketing suites are becoming ever more sophisticated, and building developers only have a brief opportunity to engage potential clients and communicate surrounding infrastructure and site information. Interactive tables and media walls work beyond the means of a physical model to create an immediate wow factor, ultimately to help developers generate more sales.


At a basic level, a picture might say a thousand words, a physical model or 3D motion graphics might say ten thousand, however combine the two – and you’ve no need for words! The design can speak for itself.


Book now to hear more from Intergalactic and Amalgam on how the real and the virtual can work together, for us to see and build the future.


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