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Triggertrap Ada product prototype

product prototype Triggertrap Ada

We recently created a look-and-feel product prototype of the Triggertrap Ada, and the project has been back through our doors for some modifications before being vacuum cast in a new incarnation. Matt from Triggertrap goes into further detail in a video on their kickstarter page, which shows our technicians working away at preparing the master for casting.


Our initial involvement was to create a look-and-feel prototype. This first object was a hand-finished object created using 3D printing processes, sparked and finished to look like the production component; models of this nature are useful as marketing tools. The vacuum casting process allows us to create a functional product prototype – a component with material properties much closer to those of the production object. This is useful for real-world condition testing but also allows the designers to iron out any further niggles in the design (if there are any).


We are able to offer help and advice in nearly all aspects of product prototype development, being experienced in both design and manufacturing. It is always a pleasure to be part of a larger project and help push through great ideas. Our comprehensive vacuum casting centre, 3D printer and spray facilities give us the tools to help develop outstanding one-off prototypes and short runs of finished manufacture. Crucially though, our prototyping technicians and product designers have the skills, experience and passion to get involved and guide a project through the various stages of product development, from design to prototyping to manufacture. To discuss your project with us and see what we can do, simply get in touch to speak to one of our project managers.


The Triggertrap Ada will be available soon. Head to the Triggertrap Ada website to find out more, and to sign up to their newsletter. Good luck chaps! Here’s the video.


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