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Treehouse model for Canopy & Stars at Crane 29

Canopy and Stars at Crane 29 Treehouse

Amalgam director, Chris, recently visited the unique treehouse designed and built by Canopy & Stars at Crane 29.

Back in February, we were delighted to create a scale model of the Canopy & Stars’ plan for the treehouse. Measuring about 20cm by 20cm, the model is lightweight, designed to be portable for visits to site. The team wanted a high-quality finish to accurately reflect the life-size construction in press photographs achieved with touches like the styling of the windows, logo and colour. The greenery flock roof indicates how guests will experience a bubble of nature in the city, with pollinating plants on the roof to attract bees, birds and wildlife. PR Manager, Emily Enright, told us:

The model has been a star of the press launch and in making the ballot for treehouse stays so successful. The model has allowed us to show exactly what the treehouse will look like when finished, we could even hold it up against the crane to give a good idea of how it will be in situ!

The original idea was born between managing director, Tom Dixon, and Simon Parfitt, director of Bower House Construction. The pair wanted to do something inspiring and creative together in Bristol, to showcase great small space design and sustainable building techniques. After securing support from build partner, B&Q, and the go-ahead from the city council, the team began to prepare for the launch, aiming for visitors to experience a natural high.

Bookings for Canopy & Stars at Crane 29 are being made through a ballot process; the first round was drawn in April for the fortunate guests and the second round will take place on 3 July for nights in August and September. All profits from the treehouse will go to Friends of the Earth, to contribute to protecting the natural world, climate and biodiversity.


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Amalgam Canopy & Stars Treehouse

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