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Amalgam Certified for Environment Support

Children's Scrapstore

Amalgam Models has been donating waste materials to Children’s Scrapstore for re-use as a creative resource. The materials are distributed to a range of educational and support establishments for children to use in their play and personal development. The network supports over 150,000 children, and Amalgam are proud to contribute to the system.


Recycling materials in this way ensures that the amount of waste sent to landfills is minimised. We have a range of environmentally conscious systems in place, and ensure that our offcuts and project waste is recycled back into other projects or donated to causes that would benefit from it.


Other environmental and charitable causes we have contributed to include Movember, Race for Life (which Amalgam’s Lucy Fox and Helen Peel took part in) and providing prototypes for Bruce Munro’s Beacon on the Hill for Cancerkin. We also continue to run our staff Tuck Shop, the profits from which have been going towards various charities since its inception nearly two years ago.

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