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Amalgam intern forms environmental start-up

Amalgam intern - start-up

Former Amalgam intern Kimberly Dobney has created a recycling system that turns menstrual care product waste into clean energy and fertiliser.

Kimberley came to Amalgam to undertake her industrial placement in 2018 and worked as a junior model maker. She was in the final year of her product design degree at Brunel University in London and at the time was also working on a project to do with recycling systems for organic menstrual waste.

Ciara Shine and Amalgam intern, Kimberly Dobney. Turn and Flow

Since leaving university she (pictured on the right) and co-founder Ciara Shine (left) have developed it further and named it Turn and Flow.

Project progress

Kimberly moved back home to Derbyshire during lockdown but just prior got onto a scheme called ‘Makers with a Mission’ meaning a six months residency at Somerset House in London. Kimberly and Ciara are crowdfunding to conduct revolutionary research at Cranfield University and challenge the outdated policies surrounding menstruation. They’ve need to hit their £7000 target before the 11th of May to keep the £3500 pledged by NatWest and develop their system.

Kimberly says Turn and Flow is not just for people who bleed, but for anyone who cares about the planet and the people on it.

Find more information on their website and crowdfunding page. You might also find this article in the Guardian interesting “Tampon wars: the battle to overthrow the Tampax empire” by Sophie Elmhirst.

[Editor’s note].  We like to think that Amalgam interns become a part of our family and follow their careers with interest.  Many stay in touch and, like Kimberly, benefit from our support for years to come. Demand is obviously high for limited places. If you would like to be considered, click here to find out how to apply. Nb. The form to apply to become an Amalgam Intern is only available while the selection process is underway, check back if you cannot see it.

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