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Architectural Modelmaking book features Amalgam Modelmaking’s work


Architectural Modelmaking by Nick Dunn is a book, now in its second edition, with a self-explanatory title.  Amalgam Modelmaking is delighted to have contributed several articles and examples to this new edition of Nick Dunn’s textbook on the subject of…. Well Architectural Modelmaking!

Nick Dunn is Professor of Urban Design at Lancaster University. His primary research interests are in the fields of visualization, modelling, mapping, representation in architecture, infrastructure and urbanism.  One reviewer stated that the book is an “Indispensable guide for any student of architecture or the built environment”.  We of course are very proud to have been featured so heavily in what seems to be recognised as the “Go-to” publication for architectural students and others who wish to develop their model making skills.

According to publishers Laurence King The book provides “A practical and effective guide to how and why models are used, in addition to what they are used for, and, furthermore, how they relate to architecture education.”

Amalgam director and experienced architectural model maker in his own right, James Smith worked closely with Nick and the publishers to ensure just the right examples from Amalgam’s thirty year history of producing some of the very best architectural models available were selected as illustrations of “How to do it” and what can be achieved with skill, practice and a lot of experience.

Iconic images of such projects as our sectional model of Canary Wharf Underground Station for the Norman Foster Foundation,

which was used to illustrate the use of cast resin elements and Munich Football Stadium for GMP, Amalgam-GMP-Munich-stadium-BNWwhich made great use of 3D printing and metal photo-etching were used amongst others, each illustrating a different aspect of the model makers craft in the modern world.

Model making as an industry has of course changed quite a bit since the original publication of Architectural Modelmaking back in 2010.  This new edition spends much more time looking at processes such as CNC machining, laser cutting and 3D printing, all processes that Amalgam excels at,  But with thirty years experience of making models of all sorts – there’s very little we don’t excel at, if we say so ourselves!

Click here to find out more about Architectural Modelmaking by Nick Dunn – To find out more about Amalgam’s architectural model making services, stay on this site!

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