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Bridging the Gap – Clifton Suspension Bridge Educational Models, and ‘Shape My City’ events

Bridge Exhibition Educational Models at CSBVC


The Clifton Suspension Bridge Visitor’s Centre, CSBVC, is hosting our Bridge Exhibition, each bridge being an engaging educational model to teach the engineering principles of bridges to youngsters. The exhibition was previously installed at the Architecture Centre on Bristol’s lively waterfront as part of the Bridge’s 150th anniversary. Details on the Architecture Centre exhibition can be found here.


Educational models - bridge

The Bridge Exhibition features a range of different bridges presented as kits; for example, the ‘Arch’ bridge is made with a system of blocks, which must be put together in the correct sequence for the bridge not to fall apart. In every case, these educational models were designed so that children could understand the forces and principles at work.



The educational models were designed and fabricated completely in-house, with factors such as durability, ease of use and safety firmly in mind.


Shape My City at the Architecture Centre


Shape My City

Amalgam Architectural Project Manager Phillip Harris and director James Smith participated in the first session of the Architecture Centre’s ‘Shape My City’ series of workshops. The event aims to get young people to think about the city around them in terms of design; who designed it, why, and who for.


Those attending the session, surrounded by Amalgam’s models as inspiration, were given the chance to design and build their own model.  In teams they worked to ‘fill-the-gap’, developing ideas for the disused space between the Architecture Centre and Arnolfini. The excitement of Phill and James was particularly infectious with regard to models and in following passions into a career, and they were able to offer plenty of advice on modelmaking as a job and on being a creative professional.


“Thank you so much for supporting the Shape My City session last night – it was great for the young people to get such a positive insight in to a career in model making.”

– Amy Harrison, Learning and Participation Manager


The events are an opportunity for young people to get involved with industry professionals and gain knowledge, skills and confidence. More information can be found on the Shape My City website and at the Architecture Centre.


educational models Shape My City

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